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Join us on Tuesday, February 8th for a Pre-Conference Workshop hosted by Jolene Brown, who will be presenting her program “If We Huff and Puff, Will We Blow Your House Down?”.

Pre-Registration Required

If We Huff and Puff, Will We Blow Your House Down?

In “The Three Little Pigs” the third one got it right! He built a solid foundation, one brick at a time to withstand the test of time. He made sure there was mortar holding it together.

We need the same in a family business – a right and experienced leader, specific and realistic management tools, and a solid foundation including legal documents to assure peace of mind. Only then can we withstand the challenges and surprises that test or bring down a family business. Only then can we celebrate creating a profitable and productive business, worthy of transitioning to the next generation.

In this upbeat interactive session, you will:

  • learn that if you want to honor the family, you’d better do the business right. If not, at the end of the day, you may have neither family nor business.
  •  realize we are in the people business, not just production. Leaders and managers bring good will, good experience, good skills and a commitment to do the foundation work.
  • receive 8 take home tools for transitioning labor, management, leadership and ownership.

With valuable content wrapped in real life stories and lots of fun, you’ll discover that when your business is constructed correctly, not only do we have a productive and profitable result, we also have laid the foundation for the legacy of a family business.

Jolene Brown

Jolene Brown, CSP, CPAE ,  Author & Family Business Consultant

Jolene Brown is a walking-talking spokesperson and champion for the people of agriculture. She’s a farmer in Eastern Iowa, contributor to Successful Farming magazine’s popular family business column, author of two great books and an inductee into the prestigious CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame. Her worldwide audiences appreciate her fun-filled spirit and valuable information. She’s on a mission to share leading-edge best practices, appreciation, laughter and celebration to increase productivity, profitability and peace of mind.

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