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Holistic Management: How We Went From Feeling Trapped to Finding Freedom

Come join Joshua and Tara Dukart for a Pre-Conference Workshop on Holistic Management

Tuesday, February 6th 1:00-5:00 PM

*Pre-Registration Required*


Join Joshua and Tara Dukart, along with their 10 and 12-year-old children for candid confessions revealing how they applied the principles of Holistic Management and regenerative ranching practices to make a 180° mindset shift, ditch their “day jobs” and do the thing they said they would never do — Move to the family ranch.

Come and get a sneak peek into how YOU can use the Holistic Management decision making framework to provide the clarity and profitability your family and team is craving.

Holistic Management provides a framework for decision making that is rooted in the fundamentals of ecosystem processes. It includes a suite of planning procedures such as planned grazing, land planning, financial planning, and ecological monitoring.

This framework has assisted many regenerative farms and ranches in achieving their goals and objectives, addressing not only production and profitability but also healing the land, growing nutritious food, and supporting thriving communities.

Joshua and Tara Dukart of Seek First Ranch have been practicing Regenerative and Holistic Management since 2008. They have 15 years of experience in speaking, teaching, coaching, and offering facilitation services throughout the United States and internationally. Located near Hazen, North Dakota, their ranch focuses on using the principles of Regenerative and Holistic Management to enhance soil, plant, and animal health, as well their own quality of life, finances, and community. Together, they strive to help others find ways to enrich the lives they were created to live.

Joshua is a Certified Educator of Holistic Management and holds a degree in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering from North Dakota State University. His career has spanned from engineer and conservationist to educator, rancher, and business-owner. The Soil & Water Conservation Society selected Joshua as their Harold & Kay Scholl Excellence in Conservation Award recipient in 2017. Cattle Business Weekly presented Joshua with a Top 10 National Industry Leaders Award in 2015 and Joshua was recognized as one of North Dakota’s Top 40 Professionals Under Age 40 in 2012. Joshua also had the pleasure of working on the Burleigh County Soil Conservation District Team (2005-2016) and he served as the Executive Director for the North Dakota Grazing Lands Coalition (2009-2017).

Tara holds degrees in Language Arts and Elementary Education. Her teaching career began in the Taranaki region of New Zealand. Tara spent eight years teaching writing and English classes as well as remedial reading and math at the middle school level in the United States. After experiencing significant health challenges, Tara began to realize the direct link between soil-plant-animal and human health. Tara is passionate about helping others improve their mental, emotional, physical, and immune health plus enhance the effectiveness of their communication through a special series called, “Empowered & Equipped.” Tara also manages the Seek First Ranch website and the direct marketing of its high quality, pastured, grass fed and finished meats.

Joshua and Tara firmly believe wealth can be generated in a variety of ways: biologically, financially, and through relationships. Guided by their faith, they have conviction—not just to conserve, but to regenerate landscapes, businesses, communities and livelihoods.

Joshua and Tara also enjoy raising and home-educating their three inquisitive children, who are delightfully helpful in asking questions—a very important component of the Seek First Ranch mission.

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